Plant Form

Plantform bioreactor developed for in vitro plant culture and large scale micropropagation.

Technical information

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Handling of the bioreactor

1. Do not use strong detergents during washing of the bioreactors (The plastic can get white spots).
2. We recommend 115-120° C and 20 min. for autoclaving the bioreactors (temperature above 120o C can damage the lids). We recommend sterilizing the filters separately because steam can block the membrane. The filters can be wrapped in foil, paper or put in a closed glass jar during autoclaving. The tubes on the bioreactor should be wrapped with aluminium foil during autoclaving.
3. It is more efficient to autoclave the medium in the bioreactor. However if you choose to autoclave the bioreactors empty then you can leave the filters on the bioreactor during autoclaving but wrap them with aluminium foil.
4. Close only two sides of the lid during autoclaving.
5. If you have clean cultures and are very good in handling you do not need the autoclave the bioreactor every time you change medium.
6. It is possible to use a microwave for sterilizing the bioreactor and the medium. The microwave settings depend on type and age of the microwave but as a rule of thumb you can use time for boiling plus half of that time. The tubes on the bioreactors have to be wrapped in kitchen cling film. Filters must be autoclaved.
7. The lid has a limited length of live. If the lid does not close properly then you can get infections. The lid must then be replaced or the bioreactor wrapped with cling film around the lid. Press lid firmly in the groove and then use the flaps to close the lid.
8. It is also good to use the cling film if you have problems with the culture room.